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You’re craving a better routine.

One that really lights you the fuck up and leaves you stronger than EVER.

What about yoga?

Does the thought of a yoga class make you shudder?

A part of you knows you needs; wants it.

What if you could practice yoga to METAL music?

Bands such as Judas Priest, Dio, Death, Iron Maiden, and all kinds of thrash metal, death metal, and heavy metal!

You’re probably sitting there with your torn up band tee that has seen SOOO many shows, wishing there was something where it felt like HOME.

You’re in luck, friend. 

I’ve created a 30 minute Metal Yoga Session just for you as well as a free community to accelerate your badass self!

If you like that, then you’ll fucking LOVE the online fitness space where you can do fitness and yoga videos on your own time….and in less than 1 hour!

To join the Metal Yoga ONLINE studio, click here. Use code FITFIERCE5 at checkout to get access to the ultimate metalhead fitness space for less the cost of a show cover!

See you on the mat!

Rock on!