What My Clients Are Saying

I picked up Stephanie’s card for Metal Yoga in a café and thought to myself, I need this yoga class! Cut to four years later and I still looked at her card every week and thought damn it, I need this! That’s my approach to fitness and health, think about it a lot but never actually make the move. When I finally reached out and realized that she offers so much more than just a yoga class I was over the moon! From the get go I could tell that there were absolutely no judgements and that Stephanie is a deep well of extensive knowledge that she uses to help me stay on track and keep my favorite treat in rotation (Sour gummy worms)

Within a month of utilizing her customized plan of meal planning and exercise I started to see results! My favorite part of setting up a plan with Stephanie was the fact that she asked me what parts of my body I wanted to work on! It wasn’t just a general cardio, weights, repeat set up. She put thought into what I wanted and crafted a plan just for me and my booty and my arms!
I’,m learning to have a healthy relationship with food instead of a toxic one, which was based on guilt, shame and pessimism. I know that sounds dramatic but that’s what it was for me for years. Stephanie supports me by always being available, never making me feel like I’ve failed or I’m doing bad if I miss a workout or two because of a migraine. She helps me pick up where I left off and try again.

My favorite part of my plan is my workouts, which is something that I never in a million years thought would be something I would say. It took a little while to adapt to being someone who had a workout but now I am one of those annoyingly upbeat people who can’t wait to do their workout. I feel like I can do the things I always wanted to do to meet my fitness goals because I have Stephanie to help me get there.

Erin F.